Friday, December 31, 2010

Index of lessons and online quizzes from “The Great Doctrines of the Bible” by Rev. William Evans

“The Great Doctrines of the Bible” by Rev. William Evans, Ph.D., D.D. is a well-respected reference material for Bible students, pastors and missionaries. You can read the entire book from Google (click the picture of the book cover) or download the complete zipped e-book. We are posting lessons and online quizzes with automatic scoring from this book. Listed below are the currently available quizzes and lessons.

Online quizzes

  1. Index of quizzes
  2. Arguments for the Existence of God (flashcards; matching type quiz)
  3. Deity of Christ (gap-fill)
  4. Divine Attributes of the Holy Spirit (gap-fill)
  5. Emblems of the Holy Spirit (flashcards; matching type quiz)
  6. God’s Moral Attributes (gap-fill)
  7. Holy Spirit does things that only God can do (gap-fill)
  8. Names of God in the Old Testament (flashcards; matching type quiz)
  9. Names of the Holy Spirit (gap-fill)
  10. Natural Attributes of God (gap-fill)
  11. Offenses against the Holy Spirit, Part A (multiple-choice quiz)
  12. Offenses against the Holy Spirit, Part B (flashcards; matching type quiz)
  13. Seven symbols used to illustrate the Word of God (multiple-choice quiz)

A. The Doctrine of God
  1. Existence of God a fact taken for granted
  2. Universal belief in the existence of God
  3. Cosmological argument for God
  4. Teleological argument for God
  5. Ontological and anthropological arguments for God
  6. Congruity argument for God
  7. Argument from Scripture
  8. Spirituality of God (part 1)
  9. Spirituality of God (part 2)
  10. Personality of God vs. Pantheism
  11. God’s personality as proved by His relation to the universe and men
  12. Unity of God vs. Polytheism
  13. Doctrine of the Trinity vs. Unitarianism
  14. Omniscience of God
  15. Omnipotence of God
  16. Omnipresence of God
  17. Eternity and immutability of God
  18. Holiness of God
  19. Righteousness and Justice of God
  20. Mercy and Loving-kindness of God
  21. Love of God

B. The Doctrine of Jesus Christ
  1. The Person of Christ
  2. The Humanity of Christ
  3. Divine names are given to Christ

C. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

D. The Doctrine of Man

E. The Doctrine of Salvation

F. The Doctrine of the Scriptures

G. The Doctrine of the Angels

H. The Doctrine of Satan

I. The Doctrine of the Last Things

This ministry does not necessarily endorse everything that Evans taught. Please always refer to the Articles of Faith and Biblical distinctives of Baptists when you study these materials.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Are you for or against the altar call and sinner’s prayer ?

(Note: You can read excerpts from the articles cited below in my “Baptist churches in the Philippines” blog.)

For the altar call

Against the altar call
Middle ground on the altar call
For the Sinner’s Prayer
Against the sinner’s prayer, and reasons not to ask Jesus into your heart
Middle ground on the sinner’s prayer
Backgrounder on Charles G. Finney, by Dr. Kevin T. Bauder, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
Note: (1) You can read excerpts from the articles cited above in my “Baptist churches in the Philippines” blog. Jump to For the altar call; Against the altar call; Middle ground on the altar call; For the sinner’s prayer; Against the sinner’s prayer and Reasons not to ask Jesus into your heart; Middle ground on the sinner’s prayer; (2) Some ministries whose works are cited in this post are described as holding a “non-lordship salvation” view. This ministry uses the term “Lordship salvation” based on A.W. Tozer’s discussion in his essay “No Saviorhood without Lordshipand in “What is Biblical repentance?