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Index of available lessons

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As we noted in the introductory post about this ministry, it will take about two to three years to finish the research, writing, and editing of the envisioned 300-plus lessons. In the meantime, students can enroll in any or all of the five subject areas in the interim curriculum we have prepared (Foundations: Articles of Faith and Biblical distinctives of Baptists; Christology; Apologetics; World religions and cults; Understanding secular religions; Leadership; Creationism; Homiletics; Bible Interpretation; Dispensationalism; and Great Doctrines of the Bible).

Listed below are the available lessons.
More lessons are continuously being written, edited, and posted. From time to time, the lessons will be updated, revised, combined, formatted, and edited to comply with the VOA Simplified English word list.
800-plus interactive exercises from various Bible lessons with time limit and automatic scoring (external link, hosted on Bit Balloon, a free website hosting service; each exercise has 10 to 50 items or more, depending on the topic’s complexity)

001 Articles of Faith

Online and interactive review quizzes and activities for Articles of Faith

002 Biblical distinctives of Baptists

Online and interactive review quizzes and activities on the Biblical distinctives of Baptists

003 The power and authority of preaching

004 What is Biblical repentance?

005 The study of God

006 The person we call God

007 The infinity of God

008 God’s holiness and His righteousness

009 God’s holiness and His love

010 God’s general revelation of Himself to mankind

011 God’s special revelation of Himself to mankind

012 The verbal and plenary inspiration of the Bible

013 How to interpret the Bible

Adoption: Abba, Father!

Are you for or against the altar call and sinner’s prayer ?

Assurance of salvation

Church planting materials and resources

Cults: Jehovah’s Witnesses

Cults: Mormonism (Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints)

Cults: Seventh Day Adventism

Developing a theology of music

Doctrine of Jesus Christ, from “The Great Doctrines of the Bible” by Rev. William Evans 
  1. The Person of Christ
  2. The Humanity of Christ
  3. Divine names are given to Christ
Doctrine of God, from “The Great Doctrines of the Bible” by Rev. William Evans
  1. Existence of God a fact taken for granted
  2. Universal belief in the existence of God
  3. Cosmological argument for God
  4. Teleological argument for God
  5. Ontological and anthropological arguments for God
  6. Congruity argument for God
  7. Argument from Scripture
  8. Spirituality of God (part 1)
  9. Spirituality of God (part 2)
  10. Personality of God vs. Pantheism
  11. God’s personality as proved by His relation to the universe and men
  12. Unity of God vs. Polytheism
  13. Doctrine of the Trinity vs. Unitarianism
  14. Omniscience of God
  15. Omnipotence of God
  16. Omnipresence of God
  17. Eternity and immutability of God
  18. Holiness of God
  19. Righteousness and Justice of God
  20. Mercy and Loving-kindness of God
  21. Love of God
Eternal security of the believer / perseverance of the saints

Fifty reasons why Christ suffered and died

Index of lessons and online quizzes from Scofield Reference Notes (1917)
  1. Abrahamic Covenant (lesson); online review quiz
  2. Adamic Covenant (lesson); online review quiz
  3. Adoption (lesson); online review quiz
  4. Angels (lesson); online review quiz
  5. Apostasy (lesson); online review quiz
  6. Atonement (lesson); online review quiz
  7. Beast (lesson); online review quiz
  8. Christian doctrine of the law (lesson); online review quiz
  9. Davidic Covenant (lesson); online review quiz
  10. Day of Jehovah (lesson); online review quiz
  11. Death (spiritual) (lesson); online review quiz
  12. Demons (lesson); online review quiz
  13. Dispensation of Conscience (lesson); online review quiz
  14. Dispensation of Grace (lesson); online review quiz
  15. Dispensation of Human Government (lesson); online review quiz
  16. Dispensation of Innocency (lesson); online review quiz
  17. Dispensation of Law (lesson); online review quiz
  18. Dispensation of Promise (lesson); online review quiz
  19. Dispensation of the Fulness of Times (lesson); online review quiz
  20. Edenic Covenant (lesson); online review quiz
  21. Eight Covenants, summary (lesson); online review quiz
  22. Eternal life (lesson); online review quiz
  23. Faith (lesson); online review quiz
  24. Flesh (lesson); online review quiz
  25. Forgiveness (lesson); online review quiz
  26. Gospel (lesson); online review quiz
  27. Grace (lesson); online review quiz
  28. Great Tribulation (lesson); online review quiz
  29. Holy Spirit in the New Testament (lesson); online review quiz
  30. Holy Spirit in the Old Testament (lesson); online review quiz
  31. Imputation (lesson); online review quiz
  32. Inspiration (lesson); online review quiz
  33. Judgments (lesson); online review quiz
  34. Justification (lesson); online review quiz
  35. Kingdom (lesson); online review quiz
  36. Law of Christ (lesson); online review quiz
  37. Law of Moses (lesson); online review quiz
  38. Lord (lesson); online review quiz
  39. Mosaic Covenant (lesson); online review quiz
  40. Mysteries in the Scriptures (lesson); online review quiz
  41. New Covenant (lesson); online review quiz
  42. Noahic Covenant (lesson); online review quiz
  43. Old Testament revelation of God (lesson); online review quiz
  44. Palestinian Covenant (lesson); online review quiz
  45. Priesthood in the New Testament (lesson); online review quiz
  46. Propitiation (lesson); online review quiz
  47. Purpose of the law (lesson); online review quiz
  48. Redemption (lesson); online review quiz
  49. Relation of Christ to the eight covenants (lesson); online review quiz
  50. Resurrection (lesson); online review quiz
  51. Sacrifice (lesson); online review quiz
  52. Salvation (lesson); online review quiz
  53. Sanctification (lesson); online review quiz
  54. Satan (lesson); online review quiz
  55. Second death (lesson); online review quiz
  56. Separation (lesson); online review quiz
  57. Sin (lesson); online review quiz
  58. Son of man (lesson); online review quiz
  59. Times of the Gentiles (lesson); online review quiz
  60. Two Advents (lesson); online review quiz

Index of lessons and online quizzes from William Evans' The Great Doctrines of the Bible

Index of online quizzes on Biblical manhood and womanhood

Index of online quizzes on Christology

Index of online quizzes on Creationism

Index of online exercises on terms and definitions from world religions and cults

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man at the same time

Justification by grace through faith

Names and titles of Jesus Christ

New Testament survey (01): Matthew

New Testament survey (02): Mark

New Testament survey (03): Luke

New Testament survey (04): John

New Testament survey (05): Acts

New Testament survey (06): Romans

New Testament survey (07): 1 Corinthians

New Testament survey (08): 2 Corinthians

New Testament survey (09): Galatians

New Testament survey (10): Ephesians

New Testament survey (11): Philippians

New Testament survey (12): Colossians

New Testament survey (13): 1 Thessalonians

New Testament survey (14): 2 Thessalonians

New Testament survey (15): 1 Timothy

New Testament survey (16): 2 Timothy

New Testament survey (17): Titus

New Testament survey (18): Philemon

New Testament survey (19): Hebrews

New Testament survey: (20) James

New Testament survey (21): 1 Peter

New Testament survey (22): 2 Peter

New Testament survey (23): 1 John

New Testament survey (24): 2 John

New Testament survey (25): 3 John

New Testament survey (26): Jude

New Testament survey (27): Revelation

Old Testament prophecies fulfilled by Christ

Old Testament survey (01): Genesis

Old Testament survey (02): Exodus

Old Testament survey (03): Leviticus

Old Testament survey (04): Numbers

Old Testament survey (05): Deuteronomy

Old Testament survey (06): Joshua

Old Testament survey (07): Judges

Old Testament survey (08): Ruth

Old Testament survey (09): 1 Samuel
Old Testament survey (10): 2 Samuel

Old Testament survey (11): 1 Kings

Old Testament survey (12): 2 Kings
Old Testament survey (13): 1 Chronicles

Old Testament survey (14): 2 Chronicles

Old Testament survey (15): Ezra

Old Testament survey (16): Nehemiah

Old Testament survey (17): Esther

Old Testament survey (18): Job

Old Testament survey (19): Psalms

Old Testament survey (20): Proverbs

Old Testament survey (21): Ecclesiastes

Old Testament survey (22): Song of Solomon

Old Testament survey (23): Isaiah

Old Testament survey (24) Jeremiah

Old Testament survey (25): Lamentations

Old Testament survey (26): Ezekiel

Old Testament survey (27): Daniel

Old Testament survey (28): Hosea

Old Testament survey (29): Joel

Old Testament survey (30): Amos

Old Testament survey (31): Obadiah

Old Testament survey (32): Jonah

Old Testament survey (33): Micah

Old Testament survey (34): Nahum

Old Testament survey (35): Habakkuk

Old Testament survey (36): Zephaniah

Old Testament survey (37): Haggai

Old Testament survey (38): Zechariah

Old Testament survey (39): Malachi

Philippine cults (01): Iglesia ni Cristo

Philippine cults (02): Ang Dating Daan

Sanctification: the grace that justifies is the grace that sanctifies

Story of the King James Version of the Bible

Study guides for Apologetics

Study guides in Christology (interim curriculum)

Study guides for Creationism (interim curriculum)

Study guides for Ken Boa’s Leadership articles (interim curriculum)

Study guides for understanding secular religions (interim curriculum)

Study guides for world religions and cults (interim curriculum)

The deity of Christ

The doctrine of salvation

The fall of man

The humanity of Christ

The New Testament books (summaries and links to resources)

The Old Testament books (classification and summaries)

The origin of man

The sinfulness of man

World religions: Buddhism

World religions: Hinduism

World religions: Islam

World religions: Roman Catholicism