Saturday, April 23, 2016

Upcoming resource: 800-plus interactive exercises in Theology, World Religions, Old and New Testament Surveys, etc. (with time limit and automatic scoring)

Update as of July 3, 2017: Some 500-plus interactive exercises are now available. These exercises are hosted on Bit Balloon, a free web hosting service.

Available exercises and topics: Theology; Christology; Pneumatology), complete Articles of Faith, Christology, the Biblical distinctives of Baptists, Scofield Reference Notes (1917), terms and definitions from world religions and cults (flashcards and quizzes), Biblical manhood and womanhood, Fifty reasons Christ suffered and died, Creationism, and The Great Doctrines of the Bible by Evans. Try the easy level Psalm 19 or church covenant first to familiarize yourself with how the exercises work.

I am currently working on 800-plus interactive exercises in Theology, World Religions, Old and New Testament Surveys, and other topics. These exercises are flashcards, multiple choice questions, matching type, and cloze/gap-fill with time limit and automatic scoring. Depending on a topic’s length or complexity, the total number of items ranges from 10 to 50-plus per exercise.

As I mentioned in the Introduction, self-study is the core of this online Bible Institute. Through these interactive exercises, you can effectively measure how well you have mastered the topics you are studying.


(1) Download and print out the suggested resource materials.

(2) After studying a section or chapter of a resource material, take the corresponding exercise.

(3) If your score is below 70%, review the section or chapter. Then take the exercise again.

(4) Aim for a score of 85% or higher. Record your scores by using any screen grab program. If you’re using a tablet or smartphone, take screen shots of your scores.

Once I finish a series of exercises, I will immediately upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive so you can easily access them. (In fact, I have finished another 200-plus exercises, but because of problems with my 9-year old laptop, I have not been able to upload them.)

With God’s grace, I expect to finish these 800-plus exercises before 2016 ends.