Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prophecy resources

Midnight Call (The International Voice of Prophecy) magazines available in PDF for online reading (contains about 5,000 pages of Bible answers, commentaries, doctrine, news, prophecy, statistics, studies, sermons, spiritual warfare, and tracts)

Jack Van Impe's Dictionary of Prophecy Terms

Jack Van Impe's Dictionary of Prophecy Terms, from

Jack Van Impe , from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fulfilled (reports of recent, major fulfillments of Bible prophecy)

War of the Angels (supernatural testimonies from all over the world confirming that the Rapture is near; upcoming movie version of the book)

Bible Watchman (blowing the trumpet of warning in these end days; tracts, sermons, and God's news behind the news)

Sluice Box Adventures (an end-of-the-age AV1611 ministry) (the powerful message of what life will be like during the end times)

Rapture Ready (end times prophecy, but with articles on other Biblical topics)

End Times Bible Prophecy Studies (discover two keys Jesus taught that unlock Bible prophecy's timeline so you can finally know what's coming for sure—even before the Rapture.

Steps Toward the Mark of the Beast (Are you ready for the world's new economic system? Learn about the New Economic Order and how every person needs to prepare as the world takes the final... "Steps Toward the Mark of the Beast")

Faithful Audio Commentary (Listen to trustworthy, nonsensational, verse by verse classroom teaching of the Book of Revelation. Includes detailed audio discussions across Scripture related to the Second Coming and End Times Bible Prophecy)

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