Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Believer's Curriculum

This online Bible Institute can also be a discipleship tool for pastors and churches. Ordinary church members usually obtain their knowledge of the Bible through the preaching, Sunday School and Bible studies. The problem is that no examinations are required in these activities. Anyone can listen to Bible teaching or read a book, and think that he or she has mastered the subject matter. However, it is only by taking and passing a rigorous exam that can test his or her comprehension and mastery of the subject matter.

Pastors can thus encourage their members to enroll in the "New Believers Curriculum" so that they can have a systematic study of the Bible. Pastors can also require any church member who wants to become a trustee or deacon, a ministry leader, a Sunday School teacher, etc. to enroll in this Institute and pass the examinations.

Background questions and issues (creation, evolution, Bible accuracy, etc)

Is There a God? (Six straight-forward reasons to conclude that God exists)
Was There Ever Nothing? Is it possible that everything came from nothing?
Part 2 Something and Part 3 Who
Where Did Life Come From? (How DNA sends an intelligent message...)
Why You Can Believe the Bible (How to know the Bible can be trusted)
The Word of God
What Is God Like?
Who is God? (What is God really like? A one-page description...)
Where is God? (Why God is not totally invisible and hidden)
Who is Jesus Christ?
Beyond Blind Faith (What makes Jesus so unique? A brief summary of Jesus' life)
Did Jesus Ever Say He was God? (What did Jesus tell people about himself?)
Why Jesus' Disciples Refused to Keep Silent (What compelled the apostles to endure being tortured, even killed?)
Who2 (A philosophical look at Jesus, the Eternal Someone)
What's the difference between Christ and world religions? (What you'll find in Jesus that you won't find elsewhere...)
Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
Why should I believe in Jesus?
Faith and Salvation
What is Faith?
How To Have Faith
Scriptures on Faith
What Is Salvation?
How To Have Salvation
Scriptures in Salvation
Salvation & Eternal Security
Living the Christian Life
How The Bible Can Help You Everyday
Read God's Words for Yourself (The Gospel of John shows us the relationship God wants with us)
The Throne of Your Life (What happens when God seeks entrance into your universe?)
What You Have in Common with God (How do we relate to God?)
What is Prayer?
How To Pray
Scriptures on Prayer
Does God Answer Our Prayers? (What does it take for God to answer prayers?)
Baptism & The Lord's Supper
Dealing With Others
Personal Evangelism & Discipleship
For enrollees in the New Believer's Curriculum, there will only be one 200-item examination. Those who pass the examination will also be awarded a Certificate of Merit with Distinction”. Please read the exam procedures.

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