Friday, March 07, 2008

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Administrative & Organizational Aids; Building a Library; Christian Education; Ecclesiology; Sermon Illustrations; Issues in Leadership/Ministry; Miscellaneous Topics; Communion; Weddings; Funerals; Marriage; Baby Dedication; Online Bible Study Tools; Preaching and Teaching; Seasonal Topics; Christmas; Easter; New Years; Thanksgiving; Mother's Day; Father's Day; Bits and Pieces (humor
9 Marks (helping local church pastors and leaders in expositional preaching, theology, evangelism, membership, church discipline, discipleship and growth, and leadership; Reformed, SBC-affiliated ministry)

Leadership Qualities by Ken Boa (accountability, communicating vision, conflict management, decision making, humility, integrity, obedience to God, purpose and passion, team building, and others)

The Noble Berean ( examines the teaching of the popular preachers in the Christian media today by the light of the Holy Scripture to determine if what is being taught is the biblical truth.

The Baptist Muse (dedicated to thinking Baptists; information and downloads ranging from Baptist History to Creation Science, from sermons to Christian wallpapers)

The Baptist Page (the home for all things Baptist, including downloadable Bibles, Bible dictionaries, ancient documents, and ancient maps; Bible study tools; Christian radio; and much more)

Your home for all things Christian (an all-in-one Christian site including reference material, downloads of that reference material and Bibles, radio, Christian schools, and much more)

Baptist Brethren (blog for Independent Baptist, full of links and resources)

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